Saturday, July 2, 2011

Videos made by others using Note!

Pictures of Note made by other people!

 Picture drawn by MissDreaChu
This was a gift from when I found a UST for her.
 Drawn by JadeLaunders
I point commissioned her! >u< She is such a good artist!
 Drawn by net1204:
I point commissioned for this icon.
 Drawn by SparkleAnime
I asked if someone would draw Note, and she was so kind to make this for me! *hug*
Drawn by Yesi
A BG I point commisioned from her.

Introduction: Note Dolcene

Note Dolcene (ドルチェ音ノート) is my first UTAU.
His name [Dolcene] comes from: -Dolce= (To sing) Sweetly, -Ne= sound. I wanted a more classy name, something not Japanese as most others do.

He is the First DiV@loid. His model number is [09326] which is supposed to resemble [OPERA].
His release date and birthday are October 18, 2010. His character age currently is 16.

  • This is Note's concept art for Act 3. When Act 3 is released I will draw him like this.
  • Speaking of Acts: Note is currently at Act 2.5 which has standard Japanese and Extra sounds, plus a (currently) non-oto'd english bank. You can find his download somewhere on this blog.

Character info:
  • His character item is a pumpkin named "Kabo-chan" which is a pun of "Kabocha" which means pumkin.
  • He is very shy, and is often portrayed as a male moe by his creator. 
  • He has a very bishonen figure and behaves as such.

How to use Note Dolcene-
Rendering in UTAU:
  1. When using Note, try to use Fresamp or TIPS. Note sounds pretty bad with the standard resampler.
  2. TIPS sounds best, but if the ust has preset flags, go with fresamp.
  3. Try to use a B0 flag.
  4. With a little echo and minor use of the phazer tool in audacity, Note can sound auto-tuned for songs that need it.
  5. G Flags can help him sound deeper, or reach some of the higher notes.
Making something with Note:
If you use Note in fan-art or for a video, please let me know! It would make my day to see someone used Note!

Sample of Note's Voice: